Best and Most Efficient Use Analysis

The most probable use of a property, being physically possible, financially achievable, legally permissible, and that makes the property for which an evaluation has been done reach its highest value, is most efficient and the best use. Use that is not permitted by law and is not physically possible can not be regarded as the best use with high efficiency.

  • Appraised – Base Value Analysis
  • Analysis and Solution Recommendations for the Available Real Estate and Projects
  • Risk Analysis
  • Investment Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Progress Analysis
  • Project Development Control and Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research
  • Sectoral Research
  • Project idea development, field analysis, market analysis, competition analysis, investment suitability analysis, process analysis, operation analysis, system analysis, resource analysis, concept development, strategy development, technology selection, financial planning, risk assurance surveys, feasibility, incentives, projection, application and system creation, resource development, planning, practices, training, r&d work, product and production development, market development, creation of production lines, machine-equipment research, proposal, marketing, purchasing operations, trial production, documenting procedures